Launching your Cool-Swim

Start by taking the pool out of its storage bag and unraveling the pool on the swim platform, or on the side deck of your boat if you do not have a swim platform. Locate the tie strap on the outside of the pool nearest to the air valves and tie onto the tie strap a short length of rope to use as a security line (3 – 5 feet long). Use this line to control the pool as you feed the pool into the water, and then as you lay your swim ladder into the pool. When the pool is fully inflated tie this line to your swim ladder to secure the pool to your boat.

To inflate the pool, put the air valves on the pool into the closed position, and begin pumping with the enclosed foot pump. Feed the pool into the water as you inflate it. In the event of a strong current, there are four tie straps on the bottom of the netting: these straps can be used to attach more weight.

It is highly recommended not to deploy the pool in less than 10 feet (3 meters) of water!

Once the pool is fully inflated, remove the foot pump from the valves and put the dust covers back on the valves. Lay your swim ladder into the pool and tie the security line to your swim ladder. You are now ready to swim. Enjoy!

Retrieving your Cool-Swim

To retrieve the pool, first untie the security line from the swim ladder. Hold on to the security line and lift the swim ladder out of the pool. Open the air valves dust covers on the float ring and put the valves into the open position. Much of the air in the float ring will rush right out. Gently, hand over hand; bring the pool up out of the water and onto the swim platform or the side deck of the boat. Let any water drain from the netting.

Rinsing, Drying, and Storing your Cool-Swim

If you want to dry the pool right away, you can spread it out on your deck to dry. If you are heading to another anchorage, you can let the pool sit in your cockpit or on your aft deck or you may wish to temporarily store it in a plastic bag.
Before storing your pool, rinse it with fresh water and let it fully dry in the sun. To roll up the pool, lay the pool out and find the end of the float ring opposite the air valve. There should be a tie strap near that position. Put the valves into the open position. Begin rolling the float ring from the end opposite the valves, with the float ring material doubled over. Gather and flip the netting material occasionally as you roll the float ring. Rolling the float ring with the air valves open squeezes any remaining air out of the float ring. When you are done rolling, put the air valves back into the closed position for storage, and in preparation for the next time you will inflate the pool. Close the dust covers on the valves. Fold the netting material over the valves to protect them, and stuff the pool back into its storage bag. The Cool-Swim is ready for storage

Minor repairs

Your Cool-Swim comes equipped with a repair kit for minor leaks on the float ring, for small tears in the netting use nylon or polyester thread.
You can always contact us for an estimate concerning more serious repairs.