Why buy a Cool-Swim ?

Your boat/yacht is equipped with a number of safety features,such as fire extingushers, life rafts, and jackets.
Unfortunately due to global warming and the disappearance of natural predators, Jellyfish are becoming more and more prevalent everywhere.

There‘s a much higher risk of finding yourseIf in jelIyfish infested waters than there is of your boat/yacht burning or sinking.

Adding a Cool-Swim to your safety equipement gets you, your family and friends into the water anytime anywhere regardless of the presence of jellyfish.
Hopefully you will never have to use your fire extinguishers, life rafts or jackets… or your Cool-Swim except as a floating play pen for your kids.
A minor investment for safety and peace of mind

Our Product

The Jellyfish protection system.

Cool-Swim A fine gauge, weighted mesh net sustained by an inflatable float ring forms an enclosed pool that can be used from boats, Yachts or tenders.

Pool comes in one size 13 x 16,5 ft (4x5m) surface area 215sq ft (20m²), 8ft.deep (2,5m). Cool-swim allows you to swim safely in jellyfish infested waters without being stung, and keeps the kids close by.



A fine mesh net, weighted and supported by an inflatable buoyancy ring forms a pool that can be used from a boat.


The swimming pool is available in one size: 4 meters x 5 meters, with an area of 20m2 and a depth of 2.50 m.


Quick and easy to use, the Cool-Swim pool can be deployed and recovered in a few minutes.


Who are we ?

For more than 20 years, Locarama has established itself in the world of yachting (sale, rental / charter, management and maintenance of boats on the Côte d’Azur)
Recently, many Locarama customers have had unpleasant experiences with jellyfish.

The solution is Cool-Swim!

Specializing in the mediterrean boat rentals since 1985 LOCARAMA is associated with TIM CHESTER for distribution and marketing of COOL-SWIM.

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